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(CIN- L24224WB1948PLC017455)
(Formerly Associated Pigments Limited)
  Welcome to Our Website    We are India's premier manufacturer of Lead and Lead Oxides. Our specialization lies in the production and    supply of Refined Lead, Lead Alloys and Lead Oxides, such as Red Lead, Lead Sub-Oxide and Litharge. We not    only meet delivery deadlines scrupulously and maintain the superior quality of our products, but also offer a wide    range of lead products to our customers.In fact we customize all our products as per client specifications,    because, for us 'customer satisfaction'is priority. Herein lies our competitive edge and to top it up, we assure    that every client gets the best deal from us.A clear outcome of our trading 'high quality products.....Read more
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Always in the pursuit of excellence, we focus our vision to increase our Lead Production to 48,000 tons. Our greatest strength lies on the quality of our products. While, currently we produce Lead with 99.97% purity, we are ambitiously working at perfecting the purity of our Lead products to 99.99%, which in itself will be.......                                   More.....
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