APL Metals Limited
(CIN- L24224WB1948PLC017455)
(Formerly Associated Pigments Limited)
                           Notice Of General Meeting
                           Download Notice Of AGM 2021-22

                           Annual Reports
                           Download Annual Report 2021-22
                           Download Annual Report 2020-21
                           Download Annual Report 2019-20

                           Annual Return
                           Download Annual Return 2022

                           Quarterly Result
                              FY- 2022-23
                                 Download Quarterly Result September 2022-23
                                 Download Quarterly Result June 2022-23
                              FY- 2021-22
                                 Download Quarterly Result March 2021-22
                                 Download Quarterly Result December 2021-22
                                 Download Quarterly Result September 2021-22
                                 Download Quarterly Result June 2021-22
                              FY- 2020-21
                                 Download Quarterly Result March 2020-21
                                 Download Quarterly Result December 2020-21
                                 Download Quarterly Result September 2020-21
                                 Download Quarterly Result June 2020-21
                              FY- 2019-20
                                 Download Quarterly Result March 2019-20
                                 Download Quarterly Result December 2019-20
                                 Download Quarterly Result September 2019-20
                                 Download Quarterly Result June 2019-20
                              Quarterly Results Earlier Financial Years
                                 Download Quarterly Result 2018-19
                                 Download Quarterly Result 2017-18

                           Share Holding Pattern
                              FY- 2022-23
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern September 2022-23
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern June 2022-23
                              FY- 2021-22
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern March 2021-22
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern December 2021-22
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern September 2021-22
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern June 2021-22
                              FY- 2020-21
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern March 2020-21
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern December 2020-21
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern September 2020-21
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern June 2020-21
                              FY- 2019-20
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern March 2019-20
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern December 2019-20
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern September 2019-20
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern June 2019-20
                              Share Holding Pattern Earlier Financial Years
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern 2018-19
                                 Download Share Holding Pattern 2017-18

                           Report On Corporate Governance
                           Download Report on Corporate Governance 2021-22
                           Download Report on Corporate Governance 2020-21
                           Download Report on Corporate Governance 2019-20

                           Code Of Conduct and Policy
                           Download Code Of Conduct
                           Download Vigil Mechanism Policy
                           Download Nomination & Remuneration Policy
                           Download Related Party Transactions Policy
                           Download Sexual Harassment Of Women Policy
                           Download Preservation Of Documents Policy
                           Download Familiarization Programme For Independent Directors
                           Download Policy On Material Subsidiaries
                           Download Criteria For Payments To Non-Executive Directors
                           Download CSR Policy

                           RTA Details
                           Download RTA Details

                           Board & Committees Of Directors
                           Download Board & Committees Of Directors

                           Appointment Of Directors
                           Download Appointment Of Directors

                           Cessation Of Directors
                           Download Cessation Of Independent Director

                           Others Shareholders Information
                           Download 73rd AGM Voting Results
                           Download 73rd AGM-2022 Proceedings
                           Download Unpaid Dividend 2011-12 As On 31.07.2018
                           Download MOA & AOA
                           Download Change Of Name
                           Download Notice Of Board Meeting
                           Download Norms For Furnishing PAN KYC & Nomination
                           Download Form-ISR-1
                           Download Form-ISR-2
                           Download Form-ISR-3
                           Download Form-SH-13
                           Download Form-SH-14

                           Compliance Officer Details
                           Name : R.N.Prajapati
                           Contact No : (033) 24652433 / 2434 , Fax : (033)-2465 0925
                           E mail : rnprajapati15@aplgroupco.com

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